General Use • Nausea • Pain • Inflammation • Sleep • Anxiety • Autism • ADD • Bi-Polar • Premenstrual • High Blood Pressure

ADD • Depression • IBS • Crohns • Lyme Disease • Migraines • Alzeimers • Ulcerative Colitis Tremors • Multiple Sclerosis • Arthritis • Dementia

Cancer • Epilepsy • Myeloma • Severe Chronic Pains • Parkinsons Disease • Schizophrenia

* In order to experience the full benefits of CBD oil, it is important to understand its composition, and what that means for your personal ingestion of the substance. CBD Near Me hosts the first study based chart created by industry experts that calculates multiple variables: weight, the severity of your condition, method of consumption, absorption rating, MG consistency of each batch, and the hardware effects of each product.

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